Join the Centre

Victoria University has consolidated its research activity. From 2018 research of the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing (CCDW) is located within the Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities.

We are looking to involve staff and graduate students from across the University in a range of Centre activities.

VU staff from any college (including both higher and vocational education (HE and VE)) and higher degree by research (HDR) students may apply to join CCDW as either a member or an affiliate. Joining the Centre as a member involves becoming part of building one or more of its programs of research. Becoming an affiliate opens up a range of activities and opportunities to develop research experience.

How the Centre works

CCDW is building on current research, partnerships and commitments to:

  • create new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations
  • build a culture of exchange involving research students, early career and more experienced researchers
  • generate new public forums and exchange
  • explore the role of social media and new forms of data representation in research
  • strengthen and widen partnerships beyond the university, both nationally and internationally
  • increase the impact of VU research in international discipline forums
  • link social and cultural theory with engaged and partnered research.

Research programs

The heart of CCDW is the energy and creativity of its research programs. Each program is setting out to build concentrations and teams around ambitious research projects:

  • Culture and values in health
  • Mobilities, transitions and resilience.

If your current or future research interests include one or more of these research areas then we encourage you to become either a CCDW member or affiliate.


Membership is open to all active researchers who are looking to deepen and widen collaboration with other researchers at VU and beyond.

Joining CCDW as a member indicates an interest in, and commitment to, participating in the Centre's programs. We're building research programs around research teams, so joining a program involves:

  • joining or initiating collaborative research
  • support in working up grant applications
  • participating in seminars
  • becoming part of national and international research networks linked to the Centre.

CCDW also offers the opportunity to work with others around research design and data analysis, while the Interaction Lab, coming on stream in 2013 and developed in collaboration with Victorian eResearch Strategic Initiative (VeRSI), offers a step-change in data representation and analysis.

Membership of a University Research Centre currently attracts a modest additional RAI weighting (1.25) for publications nominated to be part of a Centre's research output.


CCDW affiliate status is available to HDR students, as well as VE and HE academics at VU. Affiliates don't normally join a specific research program, but can participate in activities ranging from seminars around data analysis or theory to workshops on research strategy; networking opportunities and developing partnerships.

HDR students potentially have access to short-term paid research assistant roles, as well as the possibility of internships on research projects. When submitting external grant applications, affiliates can highlight their involvement in the Centre as part of their research environment.

Become a CCDW member or affiliate

To become a CCDW research member or research affiliate please email [email protected].

Memberships and affiliations are reviewed annually in November.

Become a CCDW external affiliate

External partners and organisations can also join CCDW as an external affiliate. Email [email protected].