About the Centre

Victoria University has consolidated its research activity. From 2018 research of the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing (CCDW) is located within the Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities.

The Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing (CCDW) is a university research centre focusing on the nexus between cultural diversity and human and social wellbeing.

In 'About the Centre':

Our work

Our work is interdisciplinary and intercultural. It informs policy and practice in meaningful ways at local, regional, national and transnational levels. We use rigorous, best-practice multi-method approaches for conducting qualitative and quantitative research in the humanities and social sciences.

News and activities

  • Dr Mario Peucker and Dr Debra Smith published an opinion piece on the effects of far-right wing movements on the mainstream political and public discourse about Muslims, refuges and multiculturalism in Australia: Anti-Muslim agenda in media and rallies drags discourse to the political right, The Age, 13 June 2016.
  • Dr Debra Smith appeared in the SBS documentary Radical Rewire as a subject matter expert to discuss government intervention programs to counter violent extremism on Thursday 2 June 2016.
  • Dr Debra Smith was awarded a scholarship by the Central European University (CAE) to contribute to the specialist workshop entitled, Topics in Violent Online Political Extremism, held in Budapest during July 2016.
  • Associate Professor Fry was invited by Maribyrnong City Council to be the primary research partner in a VicHealth funded scoping project focusing on harmful alcohol cultures in middle aged and older men living in Maribyrnong. Eight councils in Victoria were funded through stage one of VicHealth’s Alcohol Culture Change Initiative for Local Councils, and will test VicHealth’s new approach to preventing harm from alcohol through alcohol culture change.

New research report for Victorian State Government on social cohesion, community resilience and violent extremism

  • Professor Michele Grossman (former VU rearcher), Dr Mario Peucker and Dr Debra Smith (CCDW), with Dr Hass Dellal AO (Australian Multicultural Foundation) are the co-authors of the Stocktake Research Report on Social Cohesion, Community Resilience and Violent Extremism (2016), commissioned by the Victorian State Government’s Ministerial Taskforce on Social Cohesion and Community Resilience. The report offers a systematic literature and selected program review of international work in these areas published between 2011-2015, and makes a series of recommendations for policy and programming based on analysis and findings from the literature and international program sphere.


Recent publications by CCDW staff and adjunct/honorary fellows.

Publications by CCDW staff

Craig Fry

Spriggs, M., Fry, C.L., (2016). Clarifying ethical responsibilities in paediatric biobanking. American Journal of Bioethics – Empirical Bioethics, 7(3), 167-74

Capon, H., Hall, W., Fry, C.L., Carter, A. (2016). Realising the technological promise of smartphones in addiction research and treatment: An ethical reviewInternational Journal of Drug Policy

Fry, C.L. (2016). Ride: A memoir to my father. Hampress Pty Ltd. 

Fry, C.L. (2016). Public health and law enforcement regulation of drugs and drug use. In: S Qua (Eds.), International Encyclopedia of Public Health, 2nd Edition. Elsevier.

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Mario Peucker

Dr Mario Peucker's recently published book Muslim Citizenship in Liberal Democracies (Palgrave 2016) explores Muslims’ civic and political participation in Australia and Germany, shedding light on their individual experiences, motives for, and personal implications of their multi-faceted engagement. It shows that their Islamic faith is a civic resource rather than an obstacle for active citizenship.

Dr Mario Peucker co-authored, together with Professor Rauf Ceylan University Osnabruck, Germany, the peer-reviewed journal article 'Muslim Community Organizations - Sites of Active Citizenship or Self-segregation?', published in the Q1 journal Ethnic and Racial Studies. The article presents empirical evidence that challenges the widespread misperception of Muslim community organisations as being socially isolated; to the contrary these community groups often serve as gateways to civic and political participation and cross-community engagement.

Other recent publications include the co-authored book Muslim Active Citizenship in the West (Routledge, 2014), the journal article (together with J. Roose and S. Akbarzadeh) Muslim active citizenship in Australia: Socioeconomic challenges and the emergence of a Muslim elite, published in 2014 in the Australian Journal of Political Science 49(2), and the book chapter 'Managing Religious Diversity and Promoting Active Citizenship: Muslims in Australia, Britain and Germany'  in F. Mansouri &, E. Boulou (eds) Global Perspectives on the Politics of Multiculturalism in the 21st Century. A case study analysis (Routledge, 2014, with S. Akbarzadeh).

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Deb Smith

Dr Debra Smith joined 11 other international criminologists in exploring the implications of Zygmunt Bauman’s (1989) most famous work, Modernity and the Holocaust with her chapter, ‘Symbiotic Othering: Terrorism, Emotion and Morality’ in A. Eriksson (ed) Punishing the Other: The social production of immorality revisited, London and New York: Routledge (2016), 247-269.

Grossman, M., Peucker, M., Smith, D., Dellal, H. (2016). Stocktake Research Report: A systematic literature and selected Program review on social cohesion, community resilience and violent extremism, 2011-2015. Melbourne: Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victorian State Government.

Publications CCDW adjunct/honorary fellows

Jose Ramos

Dr. Ramos’ 2016 e-reader The City as Commons: a Policy Reader, is the first comprehensive policy reader to articulate collaborative urban governance strategies from a commons and peer to peer perspective.

His recently published book chapter Linking Foresight and Action: Toward a Futures Action Research, in The Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research, is an exposition of state-of-the-art participatory foresight and visioning approaches.

Liquid democracy and the futures of governance, (Springer) is the culmination of an in depth ethnographic study on digital democracy communities in Germany using liquid democracy strategies. 

Hussein Tahiri

Tahiri, H. & Grossman, M. (2015) 'Community perceptions of radicalisation and extremism: an Australian perspective', Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counterterrorism (JPICT), 9(2).

Tahiri, H. (2015), 'The role of the Kurds in the Armenian Genocide: were they perpetrators or an instrument?' in Ferdinand Hennerbichler et al. (eds.), 100 Jahre Volkermordan ArmenierInnen und die KurdInnen, Caesarpress, Vienna, Austria.

Tahiri, H. (2014) 'The Nostalgic Republic: The Kurdish Republic of 1946 and Its Effect on Kurdish Identity and Nation Building in Iran', in Ofra Bengio (ed.), Kurdish Awakening: Nation Building in a Fragmented Homeland, University of Texas, Austin, USA.

Babacan, A. & Tahiri, H., Editors, (2011), Counter Terrorism and Social Cohesion, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, New Castle, U.K.

Tahiri, H. (2007), The Structure of Kurdish Society and the Struggle for a Kurdish State, Mazda Publishers, Costa Mesa, USA.

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Elanna Nolan

Nolan, E. (2016). Teaching CVE – a review of the Preventing Violent Extremism and Radicalisation in Australia handbook, and challenges across policy and practice. Working Paper Series No.16-06, May 2016, The Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society.

Nolan, E.,  March, A. (2016). Remembering participation in planning: the case of the Princes Hill Community GardenAustralian Planner, 53 (3): 187-200.

Nolan, E., Hiebert, D. (2014). Social Perspectives on National Security: A review of recent literature, in Working Paper Series No.14-10, December 2014, The Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society.

Caitlin Nunn

Nunn, C. (forthcoming, accepted 9/8/16). ‘Translations-Generations: Representing and producing migration generations through arts-based research.’ Journal of Intercultural Studies.

McMichael, C.; Nunn, C., Gifford, S. M. & Correa-Velez, I. (forthcoming, accepted 5/4/16). ‘Return visits and belonging to countries of origin among young people from refugee backgrounds.’ Global Networks.

Nunn, C., Gifford, S.M., McMichael, C. & Correa-Velez, I. (2016). ‘Mobility and security: The perceived benefits of citizenship for resettled young people from refugee backgrounds.’ Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 42(3): 382-399.

Sharp, T., Nguyen, C. N., Nunn, C. et al. (2016) ‘Home: An exploratory journey with young Somali-Australians.’ [Audio-visual work]; with Nunn, C. (2016) ‘Introductory Essay’. Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies 12(1). http://liminalities.net/12-1/home.html.

Nunn, C. (2015) ‘Negotiating national (non)belongings: Vietnamese Australians in ethno/multicultural Australia.’ Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power. doi:10.1080/1070289X.2015.1096273.

McMichael, C., Nunn, C., Gifford, S.M. & Correa-Velez, I. (2015). ‘Studying refugee settlement with longitudinal research: methodological and ethical insights from the Good Starts study’. Journal of Refugee Studies 28(2): 238-257.

Stefan Schutt

Edited books

Schutt, S., Roberts, S., White, L. (eds) (2016). Advertising and Public Memory: Historical, Social and Cultural Perspectives on Ghost Signs. London: Routledge

Journal articles

Schutt, S. (2016). 'Rewriting the book of the city: on old signs, new technologies, and reinventing Adelaide', Urban Geography, DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2016.1139878

Schutt, S., Staubli, P., Rizzo, A. (2015). 'Seeing the world differently: Supporting autism spectrum expression and creativity through the use of technology in social spaces', UNESCO Observatory Multidisciplinary Research in the Arts e-journal, (5,1) 1-28 

Cianci, L., Schutt, S. (2014). 'Keepers of Ghosts: old signs, new media and the age of archival flux', Archives and Manuscripts, 42(1) 1-14

Schutt, S., Berry, M. & Cianci, L. (2014). 'Lost Melbourne: A Digital Ethnography of a Facebook local history group', Global Ethnographic, May 2014 

Book chapters

Schutt, S. (2016). 'Six Sirens and a Broken Oud: Mapping the Self Within the Political Landscape'. In Holman-Jones, S & Pruyn, M (eds), Creative Selves, Creative Cultures. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming

Ng, LE, Schutt, S. & Corcoran, T (2015). 'Technology use and teenagers diagnosed with high-functioning autism: in and across differentiated spaces'. In Corcoran, T, White, J, & Whitburn, B (eds). Disability Studies: Educating for Inclusion, pp 167-180. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

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