Research funding

Victoria University has consolidated its research activity. From 2018 research of the Centre of Applied Informatics is located within the Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities.

Centre for Applied Informatics (CAI) focuses on data mining, sensor networks, e-research with applications in health care and environmental studies, and we have an international reputation in these areas. CAI’s research has been funded by 10 Australian Research Council (ARC) projects since 2003. CAI has worked successfully with government and industry organisations to apply its core techniques in data mining and sensor networks in e-Health and e-Environment fields.

Below is a list of CAI's research funding.

Recent Australian Research Council (ARC) funding

Y Zhang, H Wang, X Yi, J Soar, Y Miao, E Bertino, B Heyward, (2015-2018) Privacy Preserving Data Sharing in Electronic Health Environment, ARC Linkage Project (LP150100673), $295,000 + $150,000 from Industry.

Y. Zhang, G. Huang, (2014-2016) Deep Data Mining for Anomaly Prediction from Sensor Data Streams, ARC DP Project (DP140100841), $329,027.

G. Huang (2014-2016) Mining Patterns and Changes of Wave Shapes for Efficiently Querying Periodic Data Streams, ARC DECRA Project (DE140100387), $349,179.

Y. Zhang, J. He, P. de Souza (2013-2015) Using Data Mining Methods to Remove Uncertainties in Sensor Data Streams, ARC Discovery Project (DP130101327), $270,000.

J. He (2013-2015) Accurate and Online Abnormality Detection in Multiple Correlated Time Series, Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) (DE130100911), $339,434.

Y. Zhang, X. Yi, J. He, M. Steyn, K. Taraporewalla, J. Cao (2010-2013) Real-time and Self- Adaptive Stream Data Analyser for Intensive Care Management, ARC Linkage Project (LP100200682), $345,000.

Y. Miao and Y. Zhang (2010-2012) Data Exchange and Service Integration with Applications in Health Information Systems, ARC Linkage Project (LP100100624), $312,453.

X. Zhou, J. L. Hunter, Y. Zhang, S. Sadiq and E. G. Abal (2008-2010) Data Enhancement, Integration and Access Services for Smarter, Collaborative and Adaptive Whole of Water Cycle Management, ARC Linkage Project, $270,603.

X. Yi and Y. Zhang (2007-2009) Privacy Protection in Distributed Data Mining, ARC Discovery Project, $165,708.

Y. Zhang, C. Liu, J. Yang and M. Papazoglou (2005-2006)A Framework for Consistent Collaborative Business Transactions, ARC Discovery, $218,000.

Y. Zhang, H. Shi and E. Beal (2005-2006) P2P research network for digital legal information sharing and management, ARC e-Research, $75,000.

Australia Government Grants

Y. Zhang, G. Xu, E. Chen and Y. Zong (2013) "Collaboration with the University of Science and Technology of China in the field of spatiotemporal identification of health events and complex event processing", the Group Missions Component of the Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF), Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, Australia Government, $44,621AUD.