E-Health is playing an increasingly important role in healthcare. E-Health refers to the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the health domain. E-Health has diverse applications, such as:

  • health information networks
  • telemedicine
  • electronic medical records
  • health knowledge management
  • personal wearable and portable communicable systems
  • health portals
  • health research data.

ICT-supported information platforms will improve decision-making processes and quality management in healthcare. The research of e-health will explore a range of practical strategies to enable ICTs to be integrated into health and wellbeing projects, with particular focus on risk detection and prevention, and health data management. Some of our current e-Health projects are below.


In partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), the eSTEPS 2.0 software is a handheld computer-based data collection system. It aims to transform the paper-based STEPS questionnaire into an electronic form that can run from a PDA, incorporating automatic skips, valid range checks and automatic assigning of ID numbers, and other functions for data collections.

Research team

  • Professor Yanchun Zhang, Director CAI, VU
  • Associate Professor Hao Shi, VU
  • Professor Yuan Miao, VU
  • Khai Hoang, MSc student, VU
  • Yanan Hao, PhD student, VU
  • Associate Professor Maximilian de Courten, Monash University
  • Leanne Riley, WHO
  • Melanie Cowan, WHO

Tasmanian web-based epidemiology system

The Tasmanian web-based epidemiology system is software that taps into Google Maps technology to identify healthcare needs by geographical location. It has enabled the Tasmanian Department of Health Services to better use its hospitalisation, death, cancer incidence and diseases data for monitoring and surveillance of the health of Tasmanian residents.

Research Team

  • Professor Yanchun Zhang, Director CAI, VU
  • Associate Professor Hao Shi, VU
  • Jingyuan Zhang, PhD student, VU
  • Dr Peter Wan, DHHS, Tasmania
  • Dr Kelly Shaw, DHHS, Tasmania


In partnership with the Australian Research Council and Westgate General Practice Network, this project aims to vastly improve management of medical records by allowing referrals and patient data to be integrated for use by different service providers.

We developed a GP E-connect system to facilitate medical data exchange and service integration over different medical systems. It significantly improves the efficiency and quality of services to patients while providing automatic routine processes and easily being used by general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists and hospitals, with lower cost of system maintenance.

Research team


In partnership with the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and the Australian Research Council, the PhysAnalyser software is being developed that allows surgeons and anesthetists to monitor and predict risks to patients during surgery by comparing their past health records with immediate health-related information, such as current blood pressure and heart rate. It can also compare a patient’s data to other patients’ to predict and prevent life-threatening incidents.;

Research team

  • Professor Yanchun Zhang, Director CAI, VU
  • Dr Guangyan Huang, CAI, VU
  • Peng Zhang, PhD student, CAI, VU
  • Dr Xun Yi, CAI, VU
  • Professor Michael Steyn, Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital
  • Professor Kersi Taraporewalla, Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital
  • Professor Jie Cao, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, China