CAI conducts research that applies within a social context to characterise human relationships and facilitate applications, such as behaviour modelling and business intelligence (ie. social networking). 

Some of our current Community research projects are outlined below.

Event detection based on Twitter text analysis

Event detection on social media site Twitter has become a promising research direction due to Twitter’s popularity, up-to-date features, free writing style and so on. Unfortunately, it’s a challenge to analyse Twitter dataset for event detection, since the informal expressions of short messages comprise many abbreviations, Internet buzzwords, spelling mistakes and meaningless content.

Previous techniques proposed for Twitter event detection mainly focus on clustering bursty words related to the events, while ignoring that these words may not be easily interpreted to clear event descriptions. This project will investigate the tasks of aggregation of tweets to reveal the collective intelligence; the spatiotemporal identification of events (such as public health events) and analysis of event trends.

This project is supported by the Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF), Australia Government grant (2013).

Research team

  • Professor Yanchun Zhang, Director CAI, VU
  • Dr Guandong Xu, VU
  • Professor Enhong Chen, University of Science & Technology of China
  • Dr Yu Zong, University of Science & Technology of China

This project aims to provide an effective health vertical search engine based on domain-specific text mining of Web pages. This search engine will return fewer but more exact hits than a general search engine and allow users to input better health-related terms for queries through a hint tool. The project outcome will include a health vertical search engine system, a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for accessing the search engine database, and several novel text mining approaches.

This project is supported by a VU grant (2013).

Research team