CAI conducts research that applies to general business performance initiatives, such as web services-based projects.

One of our current Business projects is outlined below.

Abnormality detection in banking environments

Due to widespread adoption of electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS), internet banking and the near-ubiquitous use of credit cards, banks are able to collect abundant information about cardholders’ transactions. Extracting effective knowledge from these transaction records and personal data from cardholders has enormous profit potential for the banking industry.

In this project, we provide a novel domain-driven classification method that takes advantage of multiple criteria and multiple constraint-level programming (MC2) for intelligent credit scoring. The proposed method will classify credit card customers precisely in order to provide effective services while avoiding losses due to users’ unpaid debts.

This project is supported by a VU grant (2013). 

Research team

  • Professor Yanchun Zhang, Director CAI, VU
  • Dr Xin Wang, ANZ Bank
  • Dr Mehmet Yildiz, IBM Australia
  • Professor Yong Shi, Chinese Academy of Sciences