College staff

To discuss any of our courses, programs or partnerships, contact one of our college staff listed below. To make a general international enquiry, get in touch with one of our international contacts.

College leadership

To discuss the academic and delivery models of VU College courses offered, including those offered with our international delivery partners, contact:

Name and role title Contact details
Yvette Bockisch
Director, VU College
+61 3 9919 5151
Margaret Dawson
Associate Director, Foundations - VU College
+61 3 9919 4381
James Lin
Senior Manager, VU College
+61 3 9919 1912

VU English

Contact VU English to make a general enquiry about an English language course, or visit the VU English website to find out more about our English language courses.

To discuss opportunities including establishing a new partnership or developing a tailored study tour, contact:

Name and role title Contact details

Dianne McKeagney
General Manager, VU English

+61 3 9919 1054
Nadia Chighine
Director of Studies, VU English
+61 3 9919 1906