My big new idea at VU competition - winners announced!

The inaugural My big new idea at VU competition has just concluded and it attracted some really fantastic, innovative entries.

VU students from the colleges of Arts, Business, Engineering and Law produced a range of interesting ideas. There were entries from undergraduate, masters students and doctorate students.

Some of the themes amongst the ideas included:

  • better ways of communicating to students
  • broader ATM access on campus
  • improvements in the library
  • support for international students
  • improved services for students
  • new and different market places for students.

Many of the suggestions provide ideas that will be considered 2014 and beyond at VU.

Competition winners

There were prize winners in two categories - one student studying in Australia and one student studying at an offshore location.

The winning entry from a local student was submitted by Du Wenting who is studying Accounting at Footscray Park campus. The big new idea involves setting up a second hand textbook exchange market at the start of each semester. Du Wenting wins $500 worth of vouchers and the opportunity to work with Student Life to help make this idea happen in 2014.

The winning entry from a student located at an offshore campus was submitted by Nan Chen who is studying International Trade at Liaoning University in China. The big new idea involves creating an Australia-Asia Bridge as a website platform to boost interaction between VU students and overseas students. Nan Chen wins a $500 prize.

You can look forward to the competition again in 2014. 

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