Photo of Tokyo with Mount Fuji in the background

Victoria University, one of Australia’s leading sports universities, has a range of academic experts available to comment on the Tokyo Olympics.

Please contact these experts directly, or one of our VU Media Advisers:
Frances Atkinson on: 0435 960 793 or [email protected]
Beverley Johanson on 0407 311 272 or [email protected]

Sport talent / Genetics

Professor David Bishop, Institute of Sport, Exercise Science and Active Living
Mobile: 0435 962 364
Email: [email protected]
Dr Bishop is a sport scientist who has worked in many sports including football, athletics and swimming. He can discuss genetics and sporting talent, and training and physiology of elite performance.

Television broadcasting / Media
Dr Marc C-Scott, College of Arts
Mobile: 0408 998 971
Email: [email protected]
With no spectators allowed at the Tokyo Olympics, television and broadcasting will take on extra importance. Dr Scott can comment on TV broadcasting rights, and other aspects of broadcast media.

Terrorism / Security / Fan cultures
Associate Professor Ramón Spaaij, College of Sport and Exercise Science
Phone: +61 3 9919 4683
Email: [email protected]
Dr Spaaij's primary fields of expertise are terrorism and security issues in sport, and fan cultures.

Sport marketing / Economic impact of Olympics
Dr Eric Schwartz, College of Sport and Exercise Science
Mobile: 0413 180 561
Email: [email protected]
Dr Schwartz can discuss sport marketing, sport facility management, and sport finance.

Global sport business / Sport integrity / Future of sport
Professor Hans Westerbeek, College of Sport and Exercise Science
Mobile: 0408 133 756
Email: [email protected]
Professor Westerbeek can provide insights related to sport business in the global marketplace.

Team psychology / Stress and coping
Professor Elisabeth Wilson-Evered, College of Business
Mobile: 0499 154 297
Email: [email protected]

Dr Glen Hosking, College of Health and Biomedicine
Email: [email protected]
Dr Wilson-Evered is an organisational psychologist, and Dr Hosking is a clinical psychologist.

Gender / women at the Olympics
Professor Clare Hanlon, Susan Alberti Women in Sport Chair, College of Sport and Exercise Science
Phone: +61 3 9919 4383
Email: [email protected]
Professor Hanlon's research expertise focuses on women in sport leadership and sport participation.

Japanese culture and sport
Associate Professor Brent McDonald, College of Sport and Exercise Science
Mobile: 0419 590 430
Email: [email protected]
Associate Professor McDonald is a specialist in the Japanese sport model and can comment on coaching and training in Japanese sport, and Japanese mega-events and omotenashi (Japanese hospitality)

Paralympics – sport policy and development
Dr Aurélie Pankowiak
Email: [email protected]
Dr Pankowiak specialises in Paralympic sport development and social inclusion in sport.

Olympic history / Australia’s success potential
Dr Richard Baka, College of Sport & Exercise Science
Email: [email protected]
Dr Baka specialises in Olympic history. He is currently based in Canada so requires some lead time.

Media contact

Frances Atkinson
External media
+61 3 9919 4061 or mobile +61 435 960 793