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  • Expertise: Business models, Business strategy, Industry development

    Professor Bruce Rasmussen’s areas of expertise and research interests include innovation, business models, business strategy and industry development issues. He has held senior positions in both the public and private sectors, most notably as Assistant Director General, Finance in the Department of Management and Budget of the State of Victoria.

  • Expertise: Communities and technologies, Digital technologies, intersection of technology narrative and identity, Young people's use of technology

    Stefan is an award-winning researcher and educator whose specialty is new technology and young people, as well as narrative and the Internet.

  • Expertise: Sport business management, Sport event management, Sport facility management, Sport marketing.

    Dr Eric Schwarz’s research concentrates on sport marketing, with a major focus on the effects of demography & migration on the future of sport, recreation, and leisure. He can also discuss marketing of hallmark events and games’ bids. He is a senior lecturer in sport management & an associate with the Institute of Sport, Exercise & Active Living (ISEAL) in the College of Sport & Exercise Science.

  • Expertise: Energy and climate change, Health and pharmaceuticals, Strategies for economic development

    Professor Peter Sheehan’s areas of expertise include economics, economic development and the global knowledge economy. He also has expertise in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and National Medicines Policy. His research interests include strategies for economic development, health and pharmaceuticals, and energy and climate change.

  • Expertise: Diversity and social inclusion, Football hooliganism, Lone wolf terrorism, Sociology of sport, Sport in Society Research Program (ISEAL), Sport for development, Violent extremism

    Ramón is available to provide expert commentary on socio-cultural aspects of sport (e.g., violence/hooliganism; diversity and inclusion issues; community sport) and on violent extremism (e.g., lone wolf terrorism).

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