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  • Expertise: Early childhood education and care policy, Schools policy

    Kate Noble works in early childhood education and care (preschool and childcare) and schools policy.

  • Expertise: Australian Rules Football, Italian migration, Knowledge and the state, Middle Eastern studies, World history

    Professor Robert Pascoe has written over 20 books and technical reports on social history and Australian education. His current projects include a history of Australian football in colonial times, The Big Men Fly in Marvellous Melbourne and a history of Australian football in sculpture and paintings. He teaches world history, history of the modern Middle East and histories of immigrant Australia.

  • Emeritus Professor Warren Payne has published over 200 refereed publications, conference proceedings and major industry reports in the areas of physical activity and health and fitness requirements of physically demanding jobs.

  • Expertise: School policy, Tertiary education policy, Higher Education policy, Vocational education and training (VET) policy, skills and labour market, Research, Public policy

    Sarah Pilcher has considerable public policy experience across school and tertiary education, skills and the labour market, having worked for governments at both the state and federal level.

  • Expertise: Sustainable tourism, risk and recovery, Gender equity and cultural diversity in education, training and employment, International mobility and Australian diasporas

    Dr Joanne Pyke's research interests are women's policy, access and equity in employment and education, cultural diversity and wellbeing research. Her current focus is on the implications of trans-nationalism and examining its connections of Australian diasporas. She is also researching the implications of the international student industry and its role in promoting 'brain circulation'.

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