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  • Expertise: Action research in education, curriculum and society, Education and society, Educational administration, partnerships in teacher education, practice-based teacher education, practitioner research, social justice and education, Teacher Education

    Associate Professor Tony Kruger’s research and teaching have focused on the ways in which forms of education affect and are affected by social and economic relationships. A core commitment in his teaching and research is to establish how education can contribute to a socially just society through practices which encourage authentic and successful participation by the least advantaged.

  • Expertise: Curriculum and student attainment, Education research, Educational impacts, International Education, Longitudinal studies, Quantitative methods, School funding, School-to-work transition, Social theory and educational policy, Student achievement, Student journey, Student outcomes, Student transition, Students, Youth

    Professor Stephen Lamb is an internationally recognised expert with more than 30 years’ experience in educational research and policy. He is lead researcher for the International Study of City Youth, a longitudinal study of 10th grade students around the world.

  • Expertise: Schools policy, Young people success
  • Expertise: Micronutrients that improve muscle metabolism and endurance, Neuroendocrine control of blood pressure; electrolyte and fluid balance; thermeoregulation and fever, the beneficial effect of micronutrients such as tea catechins and vitamin E tocotrienols on obesity and its co-morbidities, the influence of perinatal dietary manipulation of omega-3 fatty acid content on adult health outcomes, the role of the angiotensin system in body fat composition; appetite and metabolism, using mobile phone-based technology to inform and influence public health outcomes

    Dr Michael Mathai's expertise is in physiology, especially the regulation of body weight, blood pressure, fluid balance, appetite and metabolism. He has partnerships with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, Palm Nutraceutical Pty Ltd and GS1 Australia.His work has been funded by the NHMRC, ARC and the National Heart Foundation.

  • Expertise: Human exercise physiology; potassium and electrolytes, Muscle adaptability with training and inactivity, muscle fatigue, Research and Institute management, Skeletal muscle sodium-potassium-ATPase

    Professor Michael McKenna has an internationally recognised research history in integrative human exercise physiology. He is a world leader in skeletal muscle sodium/potassium-pump and potassium regulation in exercise in humans. He has specific expertise in mechanisms of fatigue, muscle adaptability with training and effects of chronic disease.

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