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  • Expertise: Integrity in elite and community sport, Professional ethics in sport coaching, exercise/sport science, physical education and sport business, Performance enhancement, health and values in sport, Research integrity and ethics

    Dr Dennis Hemphill is an Associate Professor in Sport Ethics, with expertise in research leadership, research, teaching and public engagement.

  • Expertise: Australian Rules Football (AFL), Cycling history and heritage, ethnic dimensions of football, female footballers

    Associate Professor Hess is an expert in sport & AFL. As convener of the Football Research Collective, he has insights into the research interests of dozens of football scholars in Australia. He is an academic editor of the International Journal of the History of Sport, executive editor of the Bulletin of Sport & Culture, & an Editorial Board member of the Football Studies journal.

  • Expertise: Australia’s relations with its neighbouring countries, Education and socio-economic development, Fiji, Gender and Development, History politics and sociology of Timor-Leste, New Caledonia, Society and Social Transformation, Sustainable Agriculture, The international development co-operation program, Timor-Leste, Youth and Development Civil

    Dr Helen Hill is an expert in East Timor, Fiji and New Caledonia. She also has expertise in the Commonwealth of Nations, United Nations, and international aid programs. Her research interests include the study of social movements and non-government organisations as well as gender issues in development and decolonisation in East Timor and New Caledonia.

  • Expertise: curriculum design, Educational equity, Inclusive school curriculum, Indigenous education, Qualitative education research and evaluation, Teacher Education, Teaching and learning practice

    Dr Hooley is interested in the nature of knowledge & learning, particularly school curriculum design, the practices of teaching and learning and organisation of teacher education. He has experience working with Indigenous communities in Victoria and constructing culturally-inclusive educational programs that respect the knowledge and wisdom of often excluded/marginalised community groups.

  • Expertise: Catchment and integrated urban water management, Climate change risk management, Climate impact assessment and adaptation, Complex systems science, Decision support, Ecological and institutional economics, Integrated modelling approaches and transdisciplinary research, Urban ecology

    Professor Roger Jones develops methods for assessing and managing climate risks through adaptation and mitigation. He has extensive knowledge of climate history in south-eastern Australia, water resources and environmental change. He is a member of Climate Scientists Australia and a coordinating lead author for the upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report.

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