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  • Expertise: Cycling history, Drugs and alcohol, Drugs in society, Drugs in sport, e-Health, e-research, Ethics, Health policy, Public health, Research ethics

    Associate Professor Craig Fry leads the Culture and Values in Health research program at VU’s Centre for Cultural Diversity & Wellbeing, broadly examining the role of culture and values in the definition and production of health. He focuses on this issue in relation to: alcohol and drug use and misuse; sport health policy; social technology use and innovation in the health system.

  • Expertise: Social work education, Women’s creativity, Women’s unpaid work, Youth homelessness

    Dr Marty Grace is an expert in women and creativity, youth homelessness, social work and social policy, socio-demographics, gender issues and women’s unpaid work. She has taught social work since 1991 and has extensive social work practice experience. Her research interests include youth homelessness, women and creativity and socio-demographic research.

  • Expertise: Desalination, High rate separation processes, Integrated water management, Membranes, Water recycling, Water research, Water treatment

    Professor Stephen Gray is an expert in water, water treatment, sustainable water systems, membrane fouling and distillation, brine management, chemical coagulation, solid/liquid separation processes, and chemical engineering. He was team leader of CSIRO Urban Water and has over 20 years experience researching water and wastewater treatment and sustainable water systems.

  • Expertise: Clinical learning environment, Cultural and religious Issues in healthcare practice, Health education and health promotion, Learning and teaching

    Associate Professor Peter Hartley has a background in health, sociology and education, with over 28 years as a paramedic clinician and 23 years as a paramedic academic nationally and internationally. He holds senior positions on a number of professional bodies and industry boards (national and international) and is the President of Australia’s paramedic peak industry body - Paramedics Australasia.

  • Expertise: Consumer behaviour, Cultural consumption: events, museums, destinations, Research in culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Social media adoption and organisational impacts

    Associate Professor Anne-Marie Hede is a marketing expert. Her research interests are consumer behaviour, branding and authenticity, and much of her research has been undertaken at events and in museums. She is co-editor of Tourism, Culture and Communication, and Board Member of the Journal of Arts Marketing. Since 2007 she has co-edited two books on museum marketing and Anzac Day.

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