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  • Expertise: Applying theory to practice, Implicit Learning, Motor and Perceptual Skill, Skill acquisition, Working Memory

    Tim's research focuses on motor skill acquisition, particularly in children, with a specific interest in how the development of the mind influences learning. Tennis Australia has partially funded his research since 2011. As such, his research has had direct translational value for Tennis Australia’s junior modified program, “Hot Shots”, as well as the National Tennis Academy.

  • Expertise: Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Australia's health tracker, Chronic illness prevention, Chronic illness risk factors, Exercise, Diet, Alcohol rates, Smoking rates, Preventable deaths, Government health policy, National Preventive Health Strategy

    Professor Rosemary Calder has worked in health policy for more than two decades and heads up the Mitchell Institute's Australian Health Policy Collaboration (AHPC). AHPC brings together more than 60 of Australia's leading health policy experts to advise on the future direction of the country's health policy.

  • Expertise: Education research, Mathematics education, Positive education, Professional development for teachers in mathematics education

    Dr Jeanne Carroll is interested in the overlap of positive education, education research methods and mathematics education. She has developed and implemented a Master of Education unit on positive education, which is proving very popular with educators from wide contexts including schools and universities from Victoria and overseas.

  • Expertise: Aboriginal reconciliation in Australia and Canada, Clichés and formulas in politics; business and sport, Popular and political rhetoric, Public speaking (including speech writing consultancies)

    Associate Professor Tom Clark’s areas of expertise include public communication and poetry. He has professional experience in government and community sector public relations, including consultancy work as a speech writer. Current research projects include a comparative study of Indigenous reconciliation in Australia and Canada, and a study of poetry teaching in secondary schools.

  • Expertise: Apprentices and vocational training, Non-formal education, Human rights, Social policy, Young Workers, Youth and Community Work, Youth policy, Youth Studies

    Dr Tim Corney is widely recognised for his work with young people and the youth and community sector. He has worked as a practitioner, senior manager, researcher, academic, consultant and adviser on social policy and youth affairs to community agencies, government and peak bodies across Australia and Internationally.

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