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  • Expertise: Diversity and social inclusion, Football hooliganism, Lone wolf terrorism, Sociology of sport, Sport in Society Research Program (ISEAL), Sport for development, Violent extremism

    Ramón is available to provide expert commentary on socio-cultural aspects of sport (e.g., violence/hooliganism; diversity and inclusion issues; community sport) and on violent extremism (e.g., lone wolf terrorism).

  • Expertise: alternative and complementary medicine, anti-diabetic properties of sprouted grains, post-menopausal women’s health, Prevention of chronic disorders, probiotics and calcium absorption, Women’s health

    Professor Lily Stojanovska is an expert in menopause, women’s health and complementary medicine in menopause. She also has expertise and research interests in the prevention of chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders and improving women's wellbeing through exercise and dietary intervention.

  • Expertise: Active living, Australian Rules Football (AFL), Event management in sport and recreation, Gender, girls and sport, Sexualities and sports studies, sport and physical activity

    Assoc Prof Caroline Symons areas of expertise include the history, sociology and politics of gender, sexuality and sport. She has researched the sport and physical activity patterns of adolescent girls, women in sport leadership, the sport experiences of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Australia, and is an international authority on the gay and lesbian sports movement.

  • Expertise: Australian Literature, Sport history, Working class literature and culture

    Ian’s main area of research interest is in the history of Australia’s football codes, particularly soccer. He is interested in the often fraught relationships between the codes and the mediated rhetoric of these tensions. He has an abiding interest in Australian literature. He edited Overland magazine for 6 years between 1997 and 2003 and in 1999 set up publishing house Vulgar Press.

  • Expertise: Australian education systems, Completing school, Education policy, Educational inequality, Educational outcomes, International education systems, Performance measures, Public and private schooling, School finance, Transition to university

    Sociologist and historian Richard Teese has made major state, national and international contributions to research on education and school systems. He has a particular interest in structural inequality in education, public and private student performance, and school funding. He was the architect of Victoria’s On Track survey, and contributed to the Gonski Review.

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