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  • Expertise: International sport business, strategic management, Strategic marketing, Sport business insights

    Professor Hans Westerbeek is an active researcher and consultant to many international sporting organisations. He has co-authored over 15 books in sport management, marketing and business. He co-founded the European Association for Sport Management and was a founding member of the EU's European Network of Sport Science Institutes.

  • Expertise: Inclusive Education, Youth justice, Justice, Students with serious and chronic health conditions, Exclusionary educational practices, Higher Education, Research methodology

    Dr Julie White has research interests that focus on identity, social justice, higher education and inclusion. She is currently researching into the education of children and young people with chronic illness.

  • Dr Leanne White's research interests include national identity, advertising, commercial nationalism, Australian popular culture, and cultural tourism. She has co-edited Tourism and National Identities: An International Perspective, published by Routledge. She is a reviewer for several academic journals, and a member of professional associations in marketing, tourism and sport.

  • Expertise: Branding, Empirical generalisationalist methods, Luxury and premium brands, market research, marketing, Teaching and learning in higher education, Wine marketing

    Dr Maxwell Winchester has international consulting experience for a number of multinational companies and government agencies.

  • Expertise: Applications of machine learning and probabilistic reasoning, Artificial Intelligence and law, Data mining and sport, Dispute resolution, Information technology and decision-making

    Professor John Zeleznikow is an internationally recognised expert, with over 30 years research experience including 15 years working on negotiation decision support and machine learning in law. His areas of expertise include information technology, law and dispute resolution, negotiation, family mediation, divorce mediation, game theory and electoral analysis.

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