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  • Expertise: Education in the Anthropocene, Critical education policy analysis across the globe, Curriculum and School reform, Democratic education, National curriculum, Sociology of education, Education and social justice, Students as researchers, Teacher Education, Teachers as researchers, Teachers’ work

    Professor Marie Brennan’s interests are in literacy, numeracy and social justice. She spent nine years on the Board of the Australian Council of Deans of Education, representing the sector on many inquiries and issues. She has also worked in the Victorian Education Department in a variety of roles.

  • Expertise: Public policy, Youth policy, Youth research

    Professor Robyn Broadbent is an academic, community researcher, community activist and a committed advocate for the human rights of young people.

  • Expertise: Access to education, Social Justice, Student engagement, student retention, Student support, Students at risk, Teacher Education

    Claire Brown has experience in educational policy development and worked extensively in senior management and executive advisory roles in government and education. She is interested in student retention and support, student experience and engagement, students at risk, and improving access and achievement from schools to tertiary settings.

  • Expertise: Chronic fatigue syndrome, Cross-cultural aspects of mental health, Depression and anxiety, Human behaviour in emergencies, Sleep and sleep disorders

    Professor Dorothy Bruck is an expert in sleep/wake patterns, human behaviour in fire emergencies and sleep disorders. Her specialist areas of knowledge include factors influencing sleep and sleepiness, narcolepsy, insomnia, developmental aspects of sleep, arousal under emergency conditions and smoke alarms.

  • Expertise: Abuse and harassment in sport, drug use by athletes, equal opportunity legislation and sport, ethics and sociology of sport, ethics of coaching, sexual consent

    Dr Michael Burke’s areas of expertise include ethics and sociology of sport, drugs in sport and HIV athletes. His areas of specialist knowledge include professional ethics, anatomy and feminism and sport.

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