Primary Health & Physical Education Conference 2017

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Friday 23 June 2017

The one day conference, organised by the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), Victoria, is aimed at those working or studying in the primary school sector of physical education.

The conference topic is "Building Your Skills".

Spend an exciting day packed with a range of choices in innovative & relevant physical education and health content which can be taken back to your work place or school and implemented immediately.

Keynote speakers

Therese Joyce

Director of Positive Education, Peninsula Grammar.

Therese is a strong believer in reflective and transformational leadership.

She has a keen interest in human nature, cultural diversity and workplace happiness. In her 20 years of global experience as an educator, Therese has used principles from psychology, education and social welfare, along with extensive experience in multicultural working environments, to develop leaders and teams.

Read more about Therese Joyce.

Ray Breed

Director of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences, St Leonard’s College.

Ray has a passion for Physical Education teaching, sport science and coach education. A highly-experienced teacher, Ray spent a number of years as an elite level coach, sport scientist and high performance manager.

Benefits of attending

The conference:

  • is a great professional development activity that will help you develop strategies you can implement in your workplace
  • has been specifically designed by primary school PE teachers
  • has had input from lecturers and researchers working in the College of Sport & Exercise Science, Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) & College of Arts & Education, led by Dr Sharna Spittle
  • provides a fantastic networking opportunity for like-minded Health and Physical Education (HPE) teachers to connect.

About the conference

This year's ACHPER conference will be proudly hosted by the College of Sport & Exercise Science.

ACHPER Victoria is the professional body representing all HPE educators. We have collaborated with industry professionals in HPE to create a professional development program that will help you develop strategies you can implement in your school.

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Our 2016 Primary Health and Physical Education Conference program has 21 workshops and practical sessions over three time-slots. You will be able to choose topics that best suit your needs including:

  • Aquatics
  • Body image
  • Fundamental movement skills
  • Game sense
  • Gymnastics, dance and rhythm
  • ICT in PE
  • Nutrition
  • Outdoor education
  • Planning and assessment.

8.15am Registration

8.45am - 9.00am Welcome address

Elective sessions A (9.00am - 10.15am)

1. Dance within the primary school (Practical)

Dr Sharna Spittle, Victoria University

This workshop will present different approaches to teaching dance and how they can be used within a primary school HPE program. Participants will experience creative movement activities involving simple moves, sequences and activities that can be used to engage students in this core curriculum area.

2. Fundamental Motor Skills: Creative and active? (Practical)

Lucy Van Ballegooy, Our Lady of The Way School - Kingsbury

This interactive session will provide a multitude of practical activities in a fun, active and creative way. Emphasis will be on fundamental movement skill development whilst maximising physical activity levels and equipment use. Lucy will demonstrate an array of techniques to assist with classroom organisation, aiming to establish effective formations and minimise student distractions.

3. Making Sense of Teaching Invasion Games in a Primary School (Practical)

Sarah Maxwell, Mill Park Heights Primary School

This session will outline the knowledge and tools needed to integrate a Game Sense Curriculum in a Primary School, with a focus on Invasion Games. Targeting the middle to senior years of primary school you will gain the Learning Intention and Success Criteria of Invasion Games and how to use these to increase technical and tactical awareness in your classes.

4. Preparation and Planning of a Quality Primary Physical Education Program

Kirsten Smith, Mernda Primary School

Primary school Physical Education programs require specific sequential planning and assessment to ensure children's development of life long skills required to participate confidently in mainstream and recreational physical activity.

This session will focus on assisting teachers to develop a whole school scope and sequence, year plans, term plans and weekly plans, whilst encouraging children’s passion for movement and physical activity.

5. Respectful Relationships Education for Primary Teachers

Sally Wilson, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

What is Respectful Relationships, and how can I meaningfully incorporate it into my primary classroom?

Presented by a VCAA specialist teacher in Health, Personal and Social Capability, this engaging workshop aims to assist the implementation of this important curriculum area, including assessment advice. This session will provide practical ideas for your classroom and the opportunity to talk, share and compare.

6. IDOCEO: The backbone of quality assessment and planning

Arron Gardiner, Grovedale Primary School and Lee Jarvis, Truganina Primary School

This applied session will show you how IDOCEO can support you in your planning and assessment as you develop a quality PR program linked to the Victorian Curriculum.

This session will demonstrate, to first-time users, the basics of how this amazing program can be used in your class. Features of how you can use IDOCEO to use apps such as Plickers, Padlet and Kahoot! to store all your assessment in one place.

7. Even Playing Field: Inclusion in Physical Education (Practical)

Kate Crerar, Naranga School

This session provides practical activity ideas on how to include students with a disability into your classroom so they can develop their skills. From everyday practice strategies to specific sports skills, this workshop will highlight how to create an inclusive and supportive environment so all students can improve.

10.15am - 11.00am Feature Presentation 1

Therese Joyce, Director of Positive Education, Peninsula Grammar.

Are we having fun yet? In praise of silliness and the importance of mucking about.

11.00am - 11.30am Morning tea & networking

Elective sessions B (11.30am - 12.45pm)

1. Teaching Health in PE and the Classroom (Practical)

Kristina Van Oosterum, St John Vianney’s Primary School

Where is the Health curriculum covered in your Primary School? Is it the responsibility of the classroom teacher, PE teacher or an external provider to teach it?

Health is about more than food and nutrition and PE teachers can incorporate focus areas, such as Mental Health and Wellbeing and Relationships and Sexuality, into class games and activities.

Classroom teachers and (H)PE specialists need to collaborate to raise the profile of Health through a whole school approach. This workshop aims to provide teachers with practical ideas on how to integrate the Health curriculum into PE lessons and ensure Health is taught consistently across the school.

2. Fundamental Movement Skills: Why and How? (Practical)

Sean de Morton, Balwyn North Primary School

FMS - Why and How? This session is designed to provide delegates with an insight into why Fundamental Movement Skills are still so important. This dynamic session will highlight how to plan and implement a differentiated PE program that enables students to develop these essential skills in a contemporary, fun and engaging way.

3. SEPEP - Leave it to the Kids (Practical)

Andy Hair, Physical Literacy Consultant

Thinking of developing an innovative and informative Sport Education in Physical Education Program (SEPEP)? This session is for you! Be prepared to participate in a practical lesson where you are in the students’ shoes. This session will demonstrate how SEPEP can embed skills and knowledge from across the Physical Education learning area and be linked to other learning domains.

4. Planning for Assessment in Primary PE

Michelle Vincitorio, Springside P-9 College and Bernie Holland, ACHPER Victoria

This session will enable you to develop the confidence to establish clear program outcomes and embed effective assessment into your planning.

This session will highlight how to create assessment that is sequential, whilst explaining how to break down FMS and game sense skills. You will walk away from this workshop understanding the importance of developing a transparent and purposeful PE program through the use of

5. Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions, but it can also be one of the most stressful

Nikki Bonus, Life Skills Group

This workshop will give teachers tools to prevent burn out, manage emotional triggers, build resilience and reignite/sustain their passion for teaching.

Participants will gain an understanding of how practicing mindfulness and understanding neuroscience, facilitates emotional intelligence, wellbeing and self-regulation. This allows development of a calm, focused mind for students and themselves.

6. Flipped Learning in Physical Education

Christina Polatajko, Newbury Primary School

This hands-on workshop will allow all participants to get out of their comfort zone using ICT to flip learning. We will learn why flipped learning is successful and how it benefits student engagement and knowledge.

Educators will have the opportunity to flip their program during the session, complete various hands-on activities and set their own goals.

Explain Everything, Adobe Spark (Voice), iMovie, Screencast and YakitKids will be used to maximise your learning.

7. Introduction to Quidditch? (Practical)

Samantha Snow, Old Orchard Primary School

This engaging workshop will introduce the emerging game of Quidditch – drawn from Harry Potter. The session will highlight key aspects of the game and students, develop thinking strategies and make PE relevant and interesting for students.

Introduction to Skateboarding (Practical)

Rachel Delphin, Victorian Skateboard Association

‘All Aboard’ is a co-educational skateboarding workshop program with equipment provided. ‘All Aboard’ focuses on increasing male and female skateboarding participation and consists of a mix of in-school, after-school workshops and weekend/holiday based sessions with both male and female instructors.

12.45pm - 1.30pm Lunch & networking

1.30pm - 2.15pm Feature presentation 2

Ray Breed, Director of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences, St Leonard’s College

Teaching skills and games in PE – a technical or tactical approach?

Elective sessions C (2.15pm - 3.30pm)

1. Gymnastics – Give it A Go! (Practical)

Rowena Lynch, Victoria University

You CAN teach gymnastics-based activities!

Using a simple “deck of cards” approach, this workshop provides a range of practical activities that will take the fear out of teaching gymnastics in the school environment. Based on the key basic shapes of gymnastics you will be shown how knowing a little can translate into providing a lot of activity choice for your students.

2. Hook, Taste and Master It! (Practical)

Darryl Craig, Overnewton Anglican Community College

Get creative in your teaching of concepts/skills and drills with game play.

Students of today are in a hurry! If you blink you miss! Use skills, drills and minor games to hook students into wanting more. Dodge, throw, catch, strike, leap and kick your way through a variety of activities to take back and use in your next lesson.

Do your students ever say at the end of your lesson/session: ‘Gee that was quick!’. Expect zany warm up games, diverse action packed skill/drill and a game play extravaganza that increases the heart rate!

3. Game Sense approach for teaching tennis and other net/court/wall games (Practical)

Mitch Hewitt, Tennis Australia

Applying the Game Sense approach this practical workshop will present a variety of tennis games and play practices designed to maximise participation for large groups of primary students of differing abilities.

Through modification of key aspects of the game, this session will demonstrate how the content can be applied to other sports in the net/court/wall category.

4. Aquatics in the Primary School

Kate Simpson and Melissa Laird, Life Saving Victoria

Primary Physical Education aquatic education classes are challenging at the best of times… no bus money, not enough allocated class time, not enough qualified staff.

How do you create an aquatic education program where all students are engaged and moving, everyone is challenged and having fun? We can show you some ways to make your aquatic education classes engaging and appropriate for all ability levels.

5. How to Promote Positive Body Image in Primary Schools

Dr Zali Yager, Victoria University

Body image is one of the main concerns among young people today, and research shows us that early intervention is best. In this interactive workshop, you will be engaged in a range of activities, and with a range of resources aimed at improving body image in children. Opportunities for schools and teachers to utilise a whole-school approach to promote positive body image in their school will be discussed.

6. Linking ICT and Physical Activity in Primary School Physical Education (Practical)

Dr Nathan Elsworthy, Victoria University

A variety of smart-phone applications are easily accessible for Physical Education teachers to assist in the planning and delivery of different learning activities. Specific to physical activity and focus, there are many apps which monitor your daily physical activity, track your running and cycling, and evaluate your performance. Some can even act as your own personal trainer!

This session will demonstrate some of these applications and how they can be used effectively to deliver practical and engaging Physical Education sessions in developing the primary school students’ understanding of the body’s response to exercise and physical activity as well as the impact of improved fitness.

7. Victorian Curriculum Implementation - Q and A

Nerida Matthews, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Do you have questions or concerns around the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum in HPE in your school? This interactive session provides the opportunity to have your specific questions and concerns addressed. Delegates who elect this session will be asked to submit their questions prior to the conference to maximise the effectiveness of this session.


Full program for printing.


Registration prices:

  • ACHPER members $275
  • Non-members $330
  • Pre-service teachers $ 75.

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This event has already taken place.

23 June 2017, 8:30am to 3:30pm

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