Portfolio of the Chief Financial Officer

This portfolio brings together the key enabling services that provide the University's core facilities, financial and legal services.

The main areas of responsibility in this portfolio include:

  • Facilities
  • Finance 
  • Legal.

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Ian Ford
Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

  • Business Capability
    Director: Dave Stephenson.
  • Client Services
    Director: Gordon McRobert.
  • Corporate Financial Services
    Director: Lisa Chan.
  • Financial Planning
    Director: Varun Saigal.
  • Risk Management & Internal Audit
    Manager: Robert Lee.
  • Strategic Capital Management
    Director: Adrian Xuereb.
  • Strategic Financial Solutions
    Director: Michael Lapolla.
  • Strategic Procurement
    Director: Juliana Tiong.


Gary Carter
Director, Facilities.

Facilities delivers:

  • timetable and room booking services
  • capital property development
  • property security services
  • property maintenance and leasing services
  • space and fleet management
  • parking services
  • environmental sustainability
  • mail services across the University.

Capital Planning

  • Associate Director, Capital Planning, Jim Eaton.

Operations Planning

  • Associate Director, Operations Planning, Laurie Farrugia.

Facilities Finance & Administration

  • Manager, Carl Sgro.
  • Senior Lawyer, Cameron Murrell
  • Senior Lawyer, Mary Simpson.

Organisation chart

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