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How to apply

There are two ways to apply for a course at Victoria University: either direct to VU or through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). The preferred method depends on your situation and the level of study you’re applying for. Be sure to check the how to apply section of the course page to see how you should apply.

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Applying to Victoria University

Undergraduate applications

Most undergraduate applications are made through VTAC.

Using VTAC allows you to list up to 12 preferences in order of your most to least preferred course and institution. VTAC takes care of all the hard work so you only fill in one application for multiple courses at multiple institutions.

You can apply direct if you choose, but it's important to note that you will need to manage each of your applications separately. Although rare, in some cases you will be asked to apply direct to Victoria University. The course information in VTAC will state if this is required. You may also need to wait longer for an offer as some institutions will process VTAC applications prior to the direct applications.

If you apply through VTAC as well as directly in the same application period, your VTAC application will override your direct application. It's best to stick to one method.

Mature-age students, postgraduate, TAFE and research applications

Mature-age students, postgraduate. TAFE and research applications are generally made direct to Victoria University. In some cases they can be made through VTAC. Check the 'How to apply' section of the course page for further information.

Applying through VTAC

When applying through VTAC, applicants are required to list a minimum of one and a maximum of 12 'preferences'. These are courses you're interested in studying ordered from your most preferred (in position one) to least preferred course (in position 12).

You can change the order and add or delete courses from your preferences any time before the closing date.

To apply through VTAC:

  1. Check important dates.
  2. Register for a VTAC user account.
  3. Log in to your user account and apply online.

If you do not receive an offer to study at Victoria University you may be still be eligible for a negotiated or supplementary offer.

Visit VTAC for more information about making an application.

Apply direct

Depending on the course you intend to study the ways to apply directly to us differ slightly. For example:

You can check the closing date and how to apply at the course page or via the course index:

Contact us

For general information and enquiries:


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