Portfolio of the Chief Operating Officer

This portfolio brings together the key enabling services that serve the University's core business.

The main areas of responsibility in this portfolio include:

  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Marketing & External Relations
  • People & Culture
  • Portfolio of the Vice-Chancellor
  • Student Services (including Student Connections, Student Wellbeing and Professional Services).

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Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Tribe
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: +613 9919 5210
Email: jonathan.tribe@vu.edu.au.


Gary Carter
Director, Facilities.

Facilities delivers:

  • timetable and room booking services
  • capital property development
  • property security services
  • property maintenance and leasing services
  • space and fleet management
  • parking services
  • environmental sustainability
  • mail services across the University.


Ian Ford
Vice-President Finance.

  • Budgeting, Consulting & Corporate Finance
    Director: Gordon McRobert
  • Enterprise Value Management
    Director: Zoltan Berenyi
  • Finance Systems & Processing
    Director: Dave Stephenson
  • Financial & Revenue Analysis
    Manager: Mario Mercuri.
  • Information Technology Services
    Director: Zoran Sugarevski
  • Procurement &  Business Operations
    Director: Juliana Tiong

Marketing & External Relations

Dr Rob Brown
Executive Director, Marketing & External Relations.


Marketing & Future Students

  • Director, Marketing & Future Students, Sarah Lawrie.


Web Services & Communications

People & Culture 

Andrew Corbett
Executive Director (interim), People & Culture.

The People & Culture portfolio provides a range of strategic and operational services to the University and its staff to support VU to become renowned as the University of Opportunity.

Working closely with the business areas of the University, the People and Culture portfolio delivers strategically-aligned workforce solutions in areas including change management, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, health and safety, industrial and employee relations, pay and benefits, rewards and recruitment. The portfolio also plans, designs, communicates and monitors the University's Workforce Strategy with a focus on building organisation and change management capability, and providing workforce data to support strategic decision-making to enable the University to deliver on its strategic agenda.

Quality expert advice and support is provided through our integrated teams.

People & Culture Business Services

Director: Gordon Selby

People & Culture Advisory Services

Director: Lawrence D'Lima

Workforce Strategy & Communications

Associate Director: Sarah Wood.

Portfolio of the Vice-Chancellor

Natalina Velardi
Director, Portfolio of the Vice-Chancellor.

Quality & Compliance

  • position vacant.

Governance & Secretariat

Legal Services

  • Senior Lawyer, Cameron Murrell
  • Senior LawyerMary Simpson.

Risk Management & Internal Audit

  • Manager, Robert Lee.


  • Senior Manager, Kathy Sinclair.


Senior Officer, Genevieve Goonan.


  • Manager, Surveys, Evaluation & Academic Workloads, John Ward.

Performance & Reporting

  • position vacant.

Business Intelligence Systems

  • Manager Business Intelligence Systems, Danny Lim.

Student Services

Teresa Tjia
Registrar & Executive Director.

This portfolio is responsible for the provision of excellent collaborative and integrated student services, working together with the University’s colleges and other stakeholders to support students from admissions to graduation. 

Student Wellbeing

Director: Colin Mcdonald

Student Connections

  • Assessments & Completions. Manager: Maree Fitzpatrick 
  • Customer Service & Communications. Director: Naomi Dempsey
  • Student Matters Office. Manager: Sara Pheasant
  • Government Reporting & Systems Support. Manager: Sandra Thompson
  • Student Administrative Services. General Manager: Nevine Khalifa.

Professional Services

Director: Dr Daryl A. Cornish.

The Professional Services Department is responsible for:

  • advisory and project services
  • asset control services
  • campus support services (including reception)
  • executive assistant services
  • general administrative support services
  • technical (laboratory) support services across the University
  • University Residences management.

Organisation chart

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