The Trades College offers a wide range of courses in building and construction from pre-employment programs through to para-professional skill development.

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Specialisation and expertise

We provide an innovative learning platform. Our construction program is designed to meet the new and emerging requirements of the industry and will provide flow-on benefits for economic development within the region.

Our blended approach to learning, combines theory with practical to ensure strong understanding. VU's construction training has been developed so students can see the techniques being implemented, showing the relevance of the training, increases retention and understanding that leads greater success.

Our industry respected teaching team is committed to providing a dynamic and responsive approach to skills development.


Victoria University offers a great range of training opportunities in bricklaying.

Our program produces skilled bricklayers to help alleviate a skills shortage in the industry.

We have strong partnerships with employers and the community. The industry has embraced our programs, with employers from across the region offering the students meaningful employment opportunities.

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Carpentry and Joinery

VU students learn to be skilled craftspeople working with timber to construct, install and maintain buildings, furniture and other objects.Our carpentry and joinery programs offer hands-on training. Students will work on building an industry-standard one-bedroom transportable home which includes a cathedral ceiling, timber floor, bathroom, kitchen and lounge room.

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Furniture and Cabinet Making

Our furniture and cabinet making programs introduce our students to the woodworking skills to create cabinets, shelving and furniture using specific tools and techniques.

Our training programs are responsive to student expectations and employers needs.

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Our teaching team have extensive industry experience. We are harnessing this industry currency to develop the next generation of plumbers.Plumbers are an essential component to the well-being of our community. Without them, there would be no sewerage, fresh water, gas or roofs over people's heads.

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Sign Writing

Traditional paints and brushes have been replaced by complex software, materials and techniques that generate many of the designs we see every day on shops and cars.

Our students gain training and experience in all aspects of sign manufacture required for internal and external advertising.

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Sunshine Construction Futures

The Sunshine Construction Futures project will provide a new purpose-built, innovative facility to support the development of the building and construction industries in Melbourne's west.

Located at the Sunshine Campus in the heart of Melbourne's extensive building and construction industry, this state-of-the-art training facility will allow VU to meet the new and emerging requirements of the industry and will provide flow-on benefits for economic development within the region.

New concepts for trade related education will be introduced providing an innovative learning platform. One of these unique features is a design that semi-exposes the building fabric. This will allow students to learn by viewing the construction methods and materials of the actual building and present a better education and understanding of the industry they are joining.

The 6 Green Star rated building will be an example of environmental design excellence incorporating the latest renewable energy, water preservation, solar design and temperature technologies to reduce VU's carbon footprint.

Kane Constructions has commenced work on the $44 million Construction Futures project designed by Cox Architects to provide a first class centre from which to deliver construction and building training.

The Practice Firm

The Practice Firm is a consultancy service established to give VU's building design students experience working on real jobs.

The unique venture ensures our graduates are able to enter the workforce with experience in the practical application of their studies.

Students work under the guidance of registered professionals to produce draft documentation for clients.

EcoLiving Centre

The EcoLiving Centre has been established in the western suburbs of Melbourne to educate, inform and demonstrate the benefits of sustainable living.

The Centre, an existing Californian bungalow in Selwyn Park, Albion, also serves as the Albion Community House. The bungalow has been retrofitted with a range of products to promote sustainable building practices. Officially launched on 14 June 2013, the Centre is a meeting place, learning space and practical workshop for the community to promote and learn about environmentally sustainable living.

The project was completed in partnership with Brimbank City Council and with support from various community partners and the Victorian Government Sustainability fund.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Are you currently working in the building industry and not qualified? Have your existing work and knowledge recognised. Victoria University can help you earn an industry qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Our Trade Testing program is designed to help you get a Certificate III qualification.

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Gap Training - Skills Assessment Program

We provide additional training for license preparation for fields including Metals, Electrical and Plumbing.

Plumbing applicants will require a provisional registration from the Plumbing Industry Commission prior to enrolment and training.

Short courses

We run short courses in all our program areas. They are a great opportunity to learn new skills and keep your training up to date.

  • Upgrade your business, communication and computer skills.
  • Gain credits for your next qualification.
  • Have fun learning something new.

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